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    For many years I didn’t really think about my breath and my breathing. Well, that is not entirely true; I only thought about my breathing when I meditate. At least; trying to meditate, because I’m not very good at it. Nonetheless, since a few months I’ve started reading in this book ‘Breath’ (what else should it be called 🙂 ) written bij James Nestor, and since that moment I’m thinking about my breathing every day. Most of the times I think about it when I’m sitting on my bike for a workout, but more and more ‘breathing’ slips my mind a few times a day. Why? You may think. Breathing…

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    Sustainability is a key driver for us. It is one of the reasons Evou exists. The other reason is that we believe that sports- and activewear can be so much more fashionable. Since inception in 2012 we’ve worked with recycled fabrics. As of 2020 we can say that we now only use recycled or regenerated fabrics.  Our sustainability drive goes beyond the use of recycled fabrics. Our goal is to have a minimal (or no) footprint across our entire business. Sustainability is a key driver for us, but we also have a way to go. We are still learning, exploring, shaping, growing and changing to improve. Our goal is to choose…

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