For many years I didn’t really think about my breath and my breathing. Well, that is not entirely true; I only thought about my breathing when I meditate. At least; trying to meditate, because I’m not very good at it.

Nonetheless, since a few months I’ve started reading in this book ‘Breath’ (what else should it be called 🙂 ) written bij James Nestor, and since that moment I’m thinking about my breathing every day. Most of the times I think about it when I’m sitting on my bike for a workout, but more and more ‘breathing’ slips my mind a few times a day. Why? You may think. Breathing is something we all do without giving much thought and it always works. Yes, true, but what I’m learning is that we’re breathing the wrong way. A way which makes us sick.

First thing I did, when I started reading this book, was trying something new, namely; I started breathing only through my nose when exercising. My idea before trying this, was really something like; ‘Yeah right, how am I keeping up when I have to train hard?’ Breathing through my mouth sounded way more natural. But let me tell you this; I started biking indoors and only 3 times during my workout I had to breath through my mouth to make sure I didn’t start hyperventilating. That was it. Since this moment I only breath through my nose. And if I forget, within minutes my body is reacting in a way that says; Hey You! Wake Up; I need some oxygen (or something like that).

When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was really passioned about track and I was training a few times a week to be better at sprinting. I remember a moment when I asked my trainer if I should be breathing through my mouth or through my nose. I remember him saying; ‘It doesn’t really matter. What you prefer.’ If I only knew back then, what I learning now!

What I am experiencing since I only breath through my nose, is that I don’t get tired during a workout anymore. Ok, I do get muscle pain, but my breathing stays calm and I have no trouble with endurance. I think this is very interesting and a huge step, so I’ll keep on reading and keep you’ll updated about breathing, because we can all be better breathers!

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