Evou is Back

So Evou is reconnecting. After a period of silence, of resilience, thinking and feeling. Evou is back. ReConnecting with it’s powerful strong women and with it’s being. It is in the presence we live and so Evou creates value to our daily lives by showing how activewear can be fashionable as well as ethical and eco friendly.

The idea of creating a sportswear brand originated in 2008. Back then, sportswear was not fashionable at all. You wore a black tight and a colourful tee and that was it. Most of the clothes were designed for elite athletes and therefore not suitable for the rest of us women. With a background in track and a very fit body, I didn’t recognise any problems with the fitting. But when I quitted exercising intensively and I started working for fashion companies I began to see it. How came sportswear didn’t follow normal fashion? And why so boring? Are elite athletes the only ones who are suited for sportswear?

I decided to combine my passion for sports with my work experience. I wanted to create a sportswear brand!
After years of thinking, working on a plan, working on a business plan, interviewing women, designing, searching for fabrics, searching for manufacturers, etc. I decided to go for it and Evou was born. In 2012 the first collection was available in my own webshop!

Evou sportswear 2012

Do you want to know how the story continues? Read more in the upcoming next blog!

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