Health during Covid

Last year has demanded a lot from our health, by which I mean not only our physical health, but also our mental health. The ‘bad’ thing is; we’re not there yet. I’m afraid we’ll be in some kind of spare mode for the rest of the year before we can hit the play button and breathe. And then??? What then? Will there be a huge revival of optimism and enthusiasm or will it be short-lived and will we ‘collapse en masse’.

We have been living in different phases of a lockdown for a year now; sometimes more intense, sometimes more free. What does that do to our long-term mental health? To be honest, I am a little worried about that. Particularly because I think we are all on survival mode. Will that be an accelerator for a burn out?

And then what happens to our physical health? I am convinced that our mental health and our physical health go hand in hand. Fortunately, with a bizarre year like this, we’ve all been going for more walks to improve or maintain our mental and physical health. Hopefully this will help counteract a global mental breakdown. Of course it is important that we all get through the corona crisis physically, but getting through this crisis mentally is just as important. How can we best do that, now that so many opportunities have been deprived of us (think of lockdowns, curfews, closed sports facilities, etc.). Home sports is of course an option; long live YouTube and all the gyms that go all the way to offer classes online.

Besides, I do think we need our quality time with loved ones; not only our partners, but also friends and family. We need to start conversations about what really matters; how do we feel, how can we be of help for one another. If not in real life, then online or on the phone. It helps to loosen up a little and knowing we are all suffering in a way from this pandemic.

So do call your mother, grand-mother, aunt, friend, neighbour and let’s get to talk en listen about some real stuff, real issues. Be kind to one another.

Oh and please let me know how you stay healthy. Maybe listening podcasts is helpful? Or just reading a book? A walk in nature? Let me know!

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