Performance as a driver

When I was young(er), I performed on (Dutch) national level as an athlete (Track&Field). I worked hard to be able to perform at my best at the nationals. Performance as a driver was only for sports in my mind.

Although I knew great performances could also achieved when playing an instrument (I also played the piano for 7 years), I was totally committed to achieving the best results in sports.

Nowadays I see performance on many different levels. Performance is subjective in most ways. Who says performance is only based on fastness or being the best? I mean; what does ‘being the best’ mean? You can perform at many levels at many staged or in many forms. How successful we are in terms of earning money, our career, how fit we are, how healthy, strong, being a nice partner, mother, sister, friend, etc.

In many ways we should not compare each other with oneself. For example; being the best mom. It is ridiculous to say that you are a better mom than another mom. It should not be an achievement. As moms and women we should lift each other up and show compassion. We simply can not compare how well we do it as being a mother. Or on the career path, or as a friend, etc. There are way too many factors. And why would you? ‘Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make your shine any brighter.’

But what I do want to achieve and perform very well at is at delivering the best quality with Evou. Put the performance where the mouth is 😉 I really want Evou to be 100% sustainable in every way possible in the future. That would be a performance. I will do my very best to be excellent in designing fashionable NOOS activewear made with only recycled and regenerated fabrics. And that is how I want to see performance; contributing, without comparing achievements, but as a vision and being the best version of yourself.

And in achieving anything you want, we have to encourage and applaud each other. There is where we will shine and perform at the best!


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