Rethinking Fashion; Part 1: Stop overproduction

As Fast Fashion is more and more outdated and discussed, we should also be rethinking it’s model. How can brands be of service instead of being a product that is fashion one week and the next it is in sale.

First: overproduction.

To stop overproduction, brands can choose a model like ‘made-to-order’ or only produce pre-orders. But that is also challenging; will you and I still be interested when orders take 3-4 months to arrive? It’s the time when we order, we want it straight away. Ok 1 day we want to wait, but any day longer is taking too long. But how can we change that? Is it just a matter of changing our mindset? For me, those are challenging questions.

At Evou we try to find a way not to overproduce, so we choose to manufacture a certain amount in a country close-by. So when an item is sold out, it is sold out, when it is not sold out, it is available until it is sold out. That makes sense right? That is not how fast fashion works, but in my opinion how it should work. When stock is not sold out, we can buy it with sale prices. When it is still not sold out, it will most likely be burnt. Well that is a big problem. For nature, but besides that; what a pity!

Fashion should be made with more care, more love. Love for all the people involved, from taking care of the fibers, making the fabrics, the garments, the people who transport, designers, pattern makers, sellers, etc.etc. So many people are involved; as brand we should reconsider the way we treat the garments, because with treating the garments with more respect, we will also treat everyone involved with more respect. Not in the last place; planet earth.

By now, we should all know that fashion is one of the biggest polluters in the world. Slowly we can see changes beginning to happen. Not as fast as I would wish, but every change in the right direction is a step forward and we should cherish that. But producing with not having any clue if it will be worn by people is really part 1 we should focus on.

What do you think fashion brands should do to stop overproduction?

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