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Starting this Blog

After a year of uncertainty, limitations, changes and challenges, 2021 dit not start really different. But hopefully, this year will bring back the good old things like having fun with family and friends outside, in restaurants, in health clubs, etc.

Also, we do hope some changes stay. For example our growing awareness and care for the environment, for believing in slow fashion, remote working, taking better care of our own health (physical and mental).


At Evou we want to make a change. By starting this blog, which can also have vlogs and/or podcasts, we want to interact with you and to be an inspiration. We want to talk with you and to you about health; both physical and mental, because you know; yin-yang. About the self, about style and about performance. We want to know your opinions, your dreams and we want to share ideas, visions and tips on these topics.

Feel free to contact us to contribute or to ask questions, drop thoughts, comments and suggestions. We are here for you. We can only make an impact together. So let’s do so!

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