• Sustainability
    Sustainability is a key driver for us. It is one of the reasons Evou exists. The other reason is that we believe that sports- and […]
  • Health during Covid
    We have been living in different phases of a lockdown for a year now; sometimes more intense, sometimes more free. What does that do to our long-term mental health? To be honest, I am a little worried about that.
  • Performance as a driver
    Nowadays I see performance on many different levels. Performance is subjective in most ways. Who says performance is only based on fastness or being the best?
  • Evou is Back
    The idea of creating a sportswear brand originated in 2008. Back then, sportswear was not fashionable at all…Read more
  • Starting this Blog
    After a year of uncertainty, limitations, changes and challenges, 2021 dit not start really different…Read more
  • Mission & Values
    Evou wants to be a leading brand, an inspiration for others to achieve ethical ecological fashion wear. No concessions.