• Breathing
    For many years I didn’t really think about my breath and my breathing. Well, that is not entirely true; I only thought about my breathing when I meditate. At least; trying to meditate, because I’m not very good at it. Nonetheless, since a few months I’ve started reading in this book ‘Breath’ (what else should it be called 🙂 ) written bij James Nestor, and since that moment I’m thinking about my breathing every day. Most of the times I think about it when I’m sitting on my bike for a workout, but more and more ‘breathing’ slips my mind a few times a day. Why? You may think. Breathing is something we all do without giving much thought and it always works. Yes, true, but what I’m learning is that we’re breathing the wrong way. A way which makes us sick. First thing I did, when I started reading this book, was trying something new, namely; I started breathing only through my nose when exercising. My idea before trying this, was really something like; ‘Yeah right, how am I keeping up when I have to train hard?’ Breathing through my mouth sounded way more natural. But let me tell you this; I started biking indoors and only 3 times during my workout I had to breath through my mouth to make sure I didn’t start hyperventilating. That was it. Since this moment I only breath through my nose. And if I forget, within minutes my body is reacting in a way that says; Hey You! Wake Up; I need some oxygen (or something like that). When I was about 13 or 14 years old, I was really passioned about track and I was training a few times a week to be better at sprinting. I remember a moment when I asked my trainer if I should be breathing through my mouth or through my nose. I remember him saying; ‘It doesn’t really matter. What you prefer.’ If I only knew back then, what I learning now! What I am experiencing since I only breath through my nose, is that I don’t get tired during a workout anymore. Ok, I do get muscle pain, but my breathing stays calm and I have no trouble with endurance. I think this is very interesting and a huge step, so I’ll keep on reading and keep you’ll updated about breathing, because we can all be better breathers!
  • Sustainability
    Sustainability is a key driver for us. It is one of the reasons Evou exists. The other reason is that we believe that sports- and activewear can be so much more fashionable. Since inception in 2012 we’ve worked with recycled fabrics. As of 2020 we can say that we now only use recycled or regenerated fabrics.  Our sustainability drive goes beyond the use of recycled fabrics. Our goal is to have a minimal (or no) footprint across our entire business. Sustainability is a key driver for us, but we also have a way to go. We are still learning, exploring, shaping, growing and changing to improve. Our goal is to choose the best option for planet and people in every step we take. May that be packaging, fabrics, designs, workload, health, prints, etc. We truly believe that every fashion brand should have sustainability as a key driver, as fashion is one of the most damaging industries for our planet. To protect our planet, we have to choose the best for our planet, by making sustainable choices in every step of the supply chain.  Fabrics The fabrics we use are made of ECONYL® yarn, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn. Other fabrics we use are made with the Bluesign label. ‘BLUESIGN is a system that provides safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in.’   The lace we used is fully made with GRS certified (Global Recycled Standard) recycled materials including the stretch thanks to the introduction of the unique ROICA™, sustainable yarn part of the ROICA™ Eco-Smart family. Last but not least fabrics with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® are used. STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.  Fabrication & Transportation Many new and old brands are happy to announce they use recycled of eco-friendly fabrics, but that is nog enough to do better at saving our planet. So, at Evou we try to do better with re-thinking the fabrication, manufacturing and transportation as well. To cause as little CO2 emissions as possible, we choose manufacturers nearby, so we won’t have to fly in our goods. We try to choose electric vehicles as much as possible to do even better. Our manufacturers are based in Italy, Switzerland and Tunis (with headquarters in Belgium).  Choosing manufacturers close-by is also to be sure the garment workers are protected, well paid, cared for and that there are no children involved.  We want to be fair at all levels. Not there yet, but we keep improving daily!
  • Performance as a driver
    Nowadays I see performance on many different levels. Performance is subjective in most ways. Who says performance is only based on fastness or being the best?
  • Starting this Blog
    After a year of uncertainty, limitations, changes and challenges, 2021 dit not start really different…Read more
  • Fabrics
    Evou wants to contribute to a healthier planet. That is why we only use of recycled fabrics.